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At long last, we are happy to announce the release of a definitive and authorised digital edition of Flaming Tunes, the cassette album released in 1985 by Gareth Williams and Mary Currie, now available in our shop.

Where possible we have gone back to the original masters, which have been lovingly baked to bring you the the best possible sound quality, hopefully matching Gareth’s exacting standards of presentation.

The album was recorded after Gareth left This Heat in the early 1980’s and returned from the first of several trips to India. Except for its initial release there has been no official edition of FT, although a bootleg CD from the late 1990’s included the tape in its entirety. It was wrongly described as "This Heat’s final demo recordings" which was a great cause of annoyance to Gareth.

He considered the Tunes album a deliberate attempt to create a music with a different mood and texture to the often harsh and uncompromising This Heat recordings, whilst giving full reign to his eclectic tastes and distinctive musical stylings.


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