Here's a few comments that have come in via tweet, chat and contact form from those who have bought the Flaming Tunes CD


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10-6-9 01:14:02 webuser82591: [ system message] Location:
01:14:06 webuser82591: Hello,
01:15:14 webuser82591: So many thanks for your efforts to give Gareth this tribute.
01:20:18 webuser82591: He was like a hero for me. Imagine when I saw This Heat way back in 1980 in Maubeuge in France. These guys where so diffrent. They had a sound and attitude of their own (The Work also). Gareth was like "agressive",
01:22:21 webuser82591: anyway, i'm very moved what you're doing now to remember him now.
01:23:23 webuser82591: We lost another great guy R.I.P . Hugh Hopper;;;
01:23:30 webuser82591: Greetings
01:23:44 webuser82591: D Belgium
01:29:16 webuser82591: Many Thanks for all the extra tracks and letters: Gareth after TH was a very lovely kind and sensitive man. The movie you included with the CD did make me cry. It's beautiful. Thanks Mary, Mick, and every one else.
01:30:31 webuser82591: Bye, D.
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freddie 2009-06-07 at 14:32 via contact form

just got few days ago the records through snail mail, and it's kind of the gift you ever wanted to receive

Please find below a message submitted on 2009-05-19 at 20:30

comments: Hi , Received The Flaming Tunes CD today. This short message to let you know how great it is, one of the best reissues ever. I had a digitized version of the cassette found on a blog, but music as brilliant as this must be paid for. I hope there is more to come from Gareth Williams' archive.

Sunday, May 17, 2009 15:36

Hi there,
Received the CD - it looks and sounds wonderful, so, many thanks.

From 'Scatter'

just wanted to post a note to let you know us out here in the world really appreciate that you've made the effort to remaster this release and let us punters (most of which, me included, didn't get a chance to hear it the first time around) enjoy this masterwork. really looking forward to the physical disc arriving here, but in the meantime have been content with the download version. beautiful, classic album.

and the extra tracks have been a delight - "Safe And Warm" is the highlight of the year so far for me, can't count the # of times i've hit the 'back' button on the ipod to relisten. the Breast Stroke Dub is a favorite also.

i know y'all have your hands full right now with the Flaming Tunes release, but i would definitely vote for a companion CD at some point including these extra, unearthed tracks!