Shattering the Myths Surrounding the Music Industry

Shattering the Myths Surrounding the Music Industry

The music industry has changed drastically in the past two decades and because of all these changes there are a lot of myths surrounding the music industry and how to succeed.  It’s time to shatter some of those myths so that you can pursue your career in the industry the right way.

Myth #1:  You Need to Live in a Music City

Years ago if you wanted to be signed to a record deal you had to chase record executive in New York, Los Angeles or Nashville.  With the internet that is simply not the case anymore.  You can be successful regardless of your location.

Myth #2: You Need to Be Young

Is being young an advantage?  Probably, but there are still plenty of musicians who are over 30.  At the end of the day record labels care about talent that can sell records it is a business just like any other and it want a product it can sell.  You can reach success at any age with talent and hard work.

Myth #3: Nobody Buys Music Anymore

This is where the changes in the music industry are most evident.  Today people buy more music than ever they just do it far differently.  The days of counting album sales are mostly over, rarely do albums sell millions of copies anymore, however singles do.  If you want to make it in today’s music industry then you need to understand how it works.  The distribution channels and revenue streams for an artist are far different.  You need to build your audience differently.  For instance the track “Gangnam Style” that was released several years ago made the artist far more money from his 2 billion views on his YouTube channel than it ever did from album sales.  There is still plenty of money in the music industry it is just earned differently by artists.  Here is how that works.

Myth #4:  You Need  a Degree in Music

Studying music won’t hurt your career but there are plenty of successful musicians who didn’t attend Julliard.  There is a lot that is required to earn a living at music and you will have to work on all aspects of your talent.  You don’t need a prestigious degree to make it in the world of music.  Learning from excellent teachers will help you every bit as much.

Myth #5:  You Need Connections in the Industry

Connections always help but talent will take you further.  You need to have something to offer that will make people want to buy your music.  Building a reputation in the industry as someone talented who is also reliable and hardworking won’t hurt either.

Music Marketing 101

Music Marketing 101

We all know that one musician that is super talented but yet not getting the popularity that they deserve, yet at the same time far less talented musicians are everywhere.  The difference between the two isn’t just talent it is marketing.  The music industry has changed a great deal since the birth of the internet and the burden of marketing has shifted from the record label to the performer.  Here is some music marketing 101 to help kick start your career.

Let People Know You Exist

Marketing anything starts with letting people know that you are there, it is no different for music.  You have to let people here your music before they can buy it.  Music doesn’t sell itself know matter how talented that you are.  You’re also going to face competition from every other musician that wants to make it too.  You have to start by letting people know your music exists and it is worth buying.

Interact with Fans

If you are using the internet to market your music and you should be then you are going to have to respond to comments from fans and haters alike.  When you interact like this you become a real person, replying to fans will help you grow your base.  It will be a lot easier to convince someone who feels they know and like you to buy your music or come to your shows.

Marketing is an Ongoing Process

Not only do you need to understand marketing is important you need to do it consistently.  Even the Rolling Stones still do marketing, the only difference is they are successful enough to have someone else do it for them.  Marketing your music needs to be an ongoing process, set aside time each day to interact on social media, or hire someone to do it for you.  Let your fans know about new music and give them sneak peeks.  This brings us to the next point.

Get Others Involved

While marketing your music isn’t necessarily difficult it can be time consuming, especially as you are trying to grow an audience.  Get some help.  You can get fans to help, work with a marketing team.  Your first love is making music and marketing should be a means to an end, so work with others.  You still get your music to the market but you get to concentrate on what you do best.

The music industry has changed so much in the past two decades, you don’t have to wait to get signed or be at the mercy of the record label anymore.  You can take control of your own music and learn how to market it yourself.